Museum is my medium

WatcherCombining visual arts and technology with my museum knowledge and skills, I use the museum as an active methodology for artistic practice employing the functions of collection, preservation, interpretation and display through performance, installation, photography and design. I create works and collective projects that address the museology process as more than just a container of materialism, but also as a conceptual space with performative qualities that activates object theatre and expressive curiosity.

cabinetBy evolving museum ideology and artistic practice, I operate amid these cultural modes where personal narratives overlap with public archives. Building upon the theories and ideas of new media, social sculpture, institutional critique, and cultural mapping I use history, architecture, technology, geography, narrative, and the body to question and create experiences in which art can facilitate interpersonal relationships, community-building, empathy and discovery.

This process intends to engage a new architecture of creative practice and cultural exchange that embraces mobility and the synaptic connectivity between object and concept, personal identity and the social collective. Through this looking glass, my work can continuously re-generate, and endlessly become an artistic ecosystem of cultural wonder.